Kelly Najjar, MCHC, CPT

I help women achieve balance in their daily routine so that they can feel energized and ready to take on life. After almost 20 years of being involved with the fitness industry, I expanded my practice to include health and wellness coaching. I noticed a trend with my fitness clients; they want better health, they want to feel good, they want to eat better but working out with a personal trainer a few times a week wasn’t enough for them to reach their goals. I specialize in exercise and nutrition, sleep, stress management, and hormone balance. I help clients develop, plan, and implement programs for weight loss and stress management. I help with these areas specifically because women face a unique challenge with work-life balance that acts as a roadblock in their transformation journey. I enjoy helping women overcome these challenges and design a healthy lifestyle that works with their families.

When I am not coaching, you can find me with my family or enjoying one of my many hobbies. I love to cook and enjoy challenging myself with new recipes and techniques. I enjoy a variety of exercises, though sometimes I look like a fish out of the water (my hips don’t lie in a Zumba class). Making a positive impact in my community through Girl Scouts, Rotary, and church energizes me and gives me purpose.

I am a Master Certified Health Coach through the Sears Wellness Institute and I hold certifications from ACE as a personal trainer with a weight management specialization.


Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

She really helped me get back into shape and start feeling better about myself. I had a big wedding coming up and I wanted to get better physically and mentally (and obviously lose some weight to fit in the dress nicer) and Kelly really helped. I would recommend her to anyone who’s looking to be healthier and needs some guidance.

Thea Sapic